Star Warehouse is a commercial dry, refrigerated & frozen storage warehouse specializing in cold chain management, food grade & temperature controlled warehousing. Located in Miami, FL, Star Warehouse can service all your south florida storage and warehousing needs including Botanical, Pharmaceutical, Cooler and Freezer Storage and Perishable Commodity Warehousing.

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Cold Storage, Dry & Refrigerated Warehousing


Warehousing and Storage in Miami Florida


Star Warehouse, Miami FL, provides storage and warehousing solutions for large and small retailers, wholesalers and distributors. As South Florida’s premier commercial storage facility, we offer a wide variety of customer solutions such as, bulk storage, blast freezing, grading, frozen and refrigerated storage and cold chain management.

Services Glossary

Frozen Storage

Proper temperature control is the single most important factor in maintaining the quality of temperature sensitive fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, dairy products & other perishable commodities. Located in Miami FL, Star Warehouse recognizes that frozen storage is an essential part of the cold chain where optimal temperature settings must be maintained.

Cold Chain Management

Star Warehouse, Miami FL, facilitates the warehousing of temperature sensitive products in every stage of production and transport. Products like produce, seafood, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Blast Freezing

Blast chilling is a method that Star Warehouse employs to quickly bring food and other perishable goods to a low temperature quickly.

Temperature Controlled Warehousing

To yield the highest value in the marketplace, perishables must arrive within its established graded specification; appear attractive and suitable for consumption or for their intended use. Star Warehouse ensures that all perishable commodities are stored at their specific temperatures during transport and while stored at our warehouse facility in Miami, FL


Ethylene is necessary for the ripening of fruits and vegetables. However,
it can also cause damage to various fruits, vegetables and ornamentals. Our transport & warehousing techniques in our Miami facility ensure that ethylene-sensitive vegetables are not be mixed with ethylene-reproducing fruits.