Star Warehouse is a temperature controlled, commercial storage facility that provides full service cold chain management featuring,150,000 Sq. feet of modern warehouse space strategically designed to accommodate an unlimited array of specialized storage and distribution processes.

  • Advanced concrete installations, docks and doors specifically optimized for temperature-controlled, food-grade operations, and extensive redundant fire protection systems

  • State-of-the-art automated material handling systems for all aspects of Cold Chain Management

  • Ammonia powered refrigeration systems offering multi-temperature cold storage. Chilled to 37° F to frozen at -20° F

  • Dry Food Storage and Management for both large and small retailers, wholesalers and distributors

  • Lease space available to on-site client personnel for direct product processing and management.

  • 24/7/365 Temperature Controlled Warehouse Operations - Miami, FL

Strategically located in Miami, Florida, Star Warehouse has a large facility dedicated to cold chain storage and management. We process thousands of tons of meats, fruits, vegetables and similar products a year that require frozen storage and temperature controlled shipment.